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Layered security creates gaps that adversaries can exploit to compromise your organization. Threat Hunting Assessment validates security controls and reduces dwell time of an adversary in your environment.

  • Assess Cyber Defenses

  • Expand Your Business

  • Improve Cybersecurity

Discover Unknown Cyber Threats

Find and eradicate hidden threats and detection gaps. Our experienced threat hunters deliver a comprehensive inspection combining human and machine intelligence with proprietary technology to help locate existing adversaries.

Deeper Inspection
Probe for unknown compromises using known patterns and behaviors of advanced adversaries.

Flexible Assessments
Blend your existing detection capabilities and our purpose-built hunting tools to reveal covert activity.

Boost Visibility & Detection
Validate your detection efficacy with purpose-built threat hunting technologies and analytics.

Accelerate Your Response
Reduce detection time and react faster to previous intrusions and dormant adversarial presence.


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